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Audi stands for “Vorsprung durch Technik”, and strives to be the leading premium brand worldwide. We constantly seek groundbreaking solutions in order to further optimise the progressive image of the Audi brand - not only for Audi vehicles, but also to everything else that bears the four rings.

Every detail:checked. Every moment:savoured.

It’s the small things that make the difference. So rely on a partner who considers every detail and knows your Audi better than anyone else. This will ensure you can begin your journey worry-free, enjoy maximum driving pleasure and arrive safely at your destination.

The adventure: incredible.
The service: with an eye for detail.

Sometimes everything is just right: the mood, the weather, a nice companion. You can count on every trip in your Audi being a great experience and on arriving safely in places where you can enjoy unforgettable moments. Audi Service helps you to savour these to the full.

Thorough check-ups: on occasion.
Holiday fun: frequently.

Audi maintenance: To ensure that nothing unexpected happens when you’re on the road, it is advisable to have your vehicle checked regularly. Maintenance work at your Audi Partner ensures that you can travel safely on day-to-day trips and longer journeys. And rest assured that everything is in order.

The challenge: no time.
The solution: no problem.

Audi repairs: Whether you have a family to take care of or a company to run – one thing is always in short supply: your time. So it’s all the more important to be mobile again in the event of damage to your vehicle. Audi Service is a partner you can count on to work not only with the highest quality but also at speed.

The parts: tailor-made.
The possibilities: endless.

Audi Genuine Parts: Audi’s commitment to quality extends even to the smallest parts. Rigorously tested – and tailor-made for each model. There are always good reasons to go for the genuine article. Make sure that your Audi always stays an Audi.

Die Audi Original Teile

Discussion: together.
Result: outstanding.

Audi direct reception: During the direct reception procedure, place your Audi in the hands of an expert who takes note of your wishes step by step in dialogue with you. This ensures that your car can be serviced with specific points in mind, while you learn useful things about your Audi.

Our experts: trained outstandingly.
Your Audi: serviced outstandingly.

Trust comes about when know-how meets quality. The employees of Audi Service are, among many other things, trained to handle specially developed tools and mix expertise in their field with exceptional motivation.

Audi Test- und Prüfverfahren

The tests: strict.
The result: durability.

The Audi testing procedures: Weaknesses cannot be dealt with unless they are detected. This is why Audi Genuine Parts are specially tested for each individual Audi. These highly developed components are optimised to the smallest detail and, as a result, are as reliable as they are durable.

Audi Test- und Prüfverfahren

The competition: tough.
The competitors: tougher.

The Audi Twin Cup: Providing the best service can be learnt. The most talented Audi mechanics in the world meet every year for the Twin Cup to put their technical expertise and customer orientation to the test - a competition that you, as a customer, directly profit from.

The Audi Mobility Services.

You: somewhere.
Us: everywhere.

With the Audi pick-up and delivery service, you can sit back and relax. And we'll do the rest.

Your Audi: safe with us.
Your mobility: assured.

The Audi Courtesy Car Service ensures that you remain mobile.

Your Audi: in our shop.
Your mobility: taken care of.

The Audi Courtesy Car Service ensures that you remain mobile.

You: on your travels
Your Audi: in good hands

The Audi Airport Service picks up your vehicle while you're on your travels. And uses the time to perform an inspection and maintenance.

Your schedule: tight
The Audi Service Station: flexible

Use the Audi Service Station to hand over your Audi effortlessly and independently of opening hours, and reserve a replacement vehicle at the same time.


The Audi Warranties.

Your Audi: new
Worry-free motoring: guaranteed

The Audi Warranty covers the first few years with your new vehicle.

The warranty: extended
Your mind: worry-free

With the Audi Extended Warranty, you can cover your Audi beyond the statutory warranty period.

Your mobility: ensured
Your desire for adventure: irrepressible

The Audi Mobility Guarantee ensures that you always reach your destination quickly.

Tyres: flat
Replacement: prompt

The Audi Tyre Guarantee ensures that you can get back on the road quickly if your tyres are damaged or have been vandalised.

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