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More under the sign of the four rings: Audi collection

Audi stands for “Vorsprung durch Technik”, and strives to be the leading premium brand worldwide. We constantly seek groundbreaking solutions in order to further optimise the progressive image of the Audi brand - not only for Audi vehicles, but also to everything else that bears the four rings.

Audi rings Collection:

Innovation, quality and design are our claim. The Audi collection products with the four rings stand for progressive design, top-class workmanship and selected materials for the values of the Audi brand.

Quattro Collection:

Those who know Audi know quattro. Four permanently driven wheels can really get things moving and take us to new places. With our quattro collection, all fans of the legendary drive will find the right products to discover uncharted territory.

Audi Sport Collection:

Audi Sport stands for our passion to thrill you day in, day out. Fascinating, sporty design and high-quality materials find their way not only into our Audi Sport cars, but also into the Audi Sport collection products.

Heritage Collection:

We were always going to break the mould – after all we love progress. Anyone who is as enthusiastic as ever about “Vorsprung durch Technik” need look no further than the heritage collection items that pay tribute to our brand’s history.

Audi Miniatures:

The Audi miniatures are manufactured with the same precision and passion as their full-size counterparts. At the end of the day, even Audi’s smallest products receive the four rings only when the quality is compelling right across the board.
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The fascination of Audi has many facets. And every Audi fan their own preferences. To reconcile these two different perspectives, we have divided up the Audi collection into four sections: rings, quattro, Audi Sport and heritage.